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12-13 Tryout F.A.Q.


Frequently Asked Questions

2012-13 Tryout Edition



Do I need to register before this weekend?

Yes, all tryout participants will need to register online prior to going on the ice for their first session.

è  Online Registration Link:

10-11 financial obligations must be met for 11-12 team tryout eligibility.



What will the format of the Tryouts be?

All sessions will be a mix of Skills and scrimmage format.



What about equipment if my child makes the team

1.     Every player will be fitted for a pant shell, gloves and uniform jersey. 


2.     Goaltenders will receive a 150 credit in lieu of player equipment.


To see the Equipment/Uniform Package visit the Equipment Page



Is there a deposit required at Tryouts?


Each family will be required to complete the Jr. Predators Online team acceptance Payment of $500.00 at the time they are selected  

Payments can be made on the Nashville Jr Predators Online Registration page.


Who will be allowed on the bench during tryouts?

Players and coaches only will be allowed on the bench.    



Can my child "play up"?

If a player wishes to try out for a team other than his or her actual birth year, a request must be made to the Board President by email ( ) by 12 Noon on June 5. 


The player must attend his/her birth year team’s first try-out session upon which evaluators will determine if the player is eligible to try-out for the “play-up” team.

Can we apply for Scholorship?

Yes, the form and policy are located on the NJP forms page.

How do Tryouts work?

Arrival Times:

It is highly recommended that players arrive more than an hour prior to the tryouts sessions.



• Players will arrive at the arena, Centennial Sportsplex or A-Game, main entrance where they will check in for tryouts.

• Players will be assigned a jersey color and number to wear prior to the ice session.  Players will keep this practice jersey and use it for the duration of tryouts. 


Information surrounding the tryout process will be available on the Jr. Predators website following the tryout sessions. Information will include which players will be returning for future sessions at a given level, along with information on when players can plan to attend the next level tryout if they are not listed. Final rosters will also be posted on the website once a team roster is selected.


Selection Committee:

The Jr. Predators will have a Tryout Evaluation and Selection committee that will be compromised of Independent coaches, team coaches and hockey knowledgeable evaluators. This committee will be in place to ensure the equity and integrity of the tryout process, providing constructive feedback about player performance, along with providing recommendations about player placement. In a situation where there is a parent coach, said coach will not be able to participate in the selection committee process until it has been clearly decided that said player has demonstrated the ability to be part of said team. Final selection of all rosters is at the discretion of the Nashville Jr. Predators Coaching Staff and Board of Directors.


Selection Criteria:

Player selection for each roster will be determined through the tryout process. Players are being evaluated on their ability to play the game of hockey. Abilities that will be considered when determining player placement include, but are not limited to, forward skating, backward skating, turns, stops , starts, crossovers, pivots, agility, quickness, speed, reactions, stick-handling, passing, shooting, work ethic, effort, awareness, teamwork, playmaking, offensive positioning, defensive positioning, decision making, attitude, sportsmanship, athleticism, coach-ability, discipline, dedication, and desire. Player placement will be made with the best intentions for each and every player, with the hopes of placing them on a roster where they will have the ability to develop their skills in the sport in a fun environment.



Nashville Jr. Predators team rosters will be composed of a minimum of 13 skaters and 1 goalie and a maximum of 20 skaters and 2 goalies.  Each teams roster will be finalized based on the competitive level and the planned budgetary requirements.


Team Meetings:

There will be a parents meeting scheduled during the tryout process where parents will receive information about the season Catalog for their groups.  The Catalogs will outline the planned season schedule for tournaments, practices, high performance weekends, program fees, etc…


There will be a scheduled team meeting prior to the start of the season.  Attendance at this meeting will be required for all parents of players that are selected for each roster. Team meetings will include team registration, jersey assignment, outline the agenda for the season and include information about coaches, tournaments, practice protocols, game protocols, financial expectations and all other pertinent information for the season.


Exit Interviews:

Players and Parents can request exit interviews with the team Head Coaches, following the completion of the Tryout process. To request an exit interview please email the Hockey Director, Jamie Herrington, and the teams Head Coach.



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