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NJP Policies and Procedures



  • Team tryout fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • Deposits for players committing to all NJP teams are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • Once a position on a team is accepted, the parent or the legal guardian assumes financial responsibility for the entire season's feeper the commitment letter and/or the registration form.
  • Team fees are non–refundable and non-transferable from season to season.  
  • Each member has a 72 hour “Right of Rescission” which must be exercised by submitting a request to rescind in writing to the Treasurer (see address below) within 3 days of payment of the initial player deposit, upon which full refund will be granted, less an applicable $50 administration fee.
  • The Board of Directors will review refund requests for medical reasons.  Any such request must be made in writing to the Treasurer either via email to: or via US mail to: GNMHA, PO Box 40532, Nashvillle TN 37204.  Medical refunds will be based on the pro-rata portion of time missed during the season in question.  In all cases, a $50 administration fee will be charged for any refund given.
  • Under no circumstances will any refund request be considered past December 31 of the season in question.
  • Team fees will not be refunded to any player who accepts a position on a NJP team and then opts to play for a team of another association.   
  • Financial releases will be granted only when a member's financial balance is satisfied in full.
  • The Board may also, at its discretion, review requests for refunds for other extraordinary circumstances. Any such request must be made in writing to the Treasurer either via email to: or via US mail to: GNMHA, PO Box 40532, Nashvillle TN 37204.
Play up Policy
The NJP play up policy is used to define the procedure for players "playing up".  The policy is as follows: 
Any player that has requested to "play up" will be evaluated by the Tryout Committee under the supervision of the Hockey Director and the BOD during the tryout sessions.  If a player is deemed qualified to compete for a spot on the older/higher level team, they will be invited by the Organization to participate in the subsequent tryout sessions for the older/higher level team.  From that point, players will be rostered on the team that the Organization deems best for the individual player's development.  Any player "playing up" will only be evaluated for the highest level team within any age division.
TIER II -  Nashville Geographical Area

The NJP policy to define the geographical area for the Tier II / AA hockey program is as follows. The Nashville Jr. Predators maintains a radius for participation in the Tier II hockey program.  Players must reside within 100 miles of the two main arenas, Centennial Sportsplex and A-Game Arena.  For your reference we have included maps that outline the program radius.  The radius does not apply to Tier 1 or AAA teams.

100 Miles from A-Game Arena

100 Miles from Centennial Sportsplex

If there are questions please feel free to contact us at:


Participation Rules
The Nashville Jr. Predators participation policy requires all players on NJP rosters to only participate in NJP team activities during the season in question (August- April 1 for non- National bound teams and mid April for National bound teams). This policy prohibits players on NJP rosters from participating in other travel organizations team activities during the season.

Team Tryout Policy

With respect to all Nashville Jr. Predators team tryouts, all interested players are required to attend all posted tryout sessions. Decisions regarding players that are unable to attend posted tryout sessions will be made on a case by case basis, with a preference held for players attending in person.

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